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Coffee Farm

Agrotourism on the Costa Tropical

What do we offer?

Guided visit to a tropical fruit farm in Almuñecar

During the guided visit to our farm we want you to relax and enjoy a unique place in Europe.

We want you to immerse yourself in nature and spend a pleasant day in the countryside.

Our private tour includes:

Walk of approximately 90 minutes where you will be able to:


  •  Visit the oldest mango tree in the Iberian Peninsula

    • Visit a forest of centenary custard apple trees Visit the northernmost experimental coffee plantation in the world

    • Enjoy a modern mango plantation

    • Learn more about the pollination of pitahayas

    • Stroll through an avocado plantation

    • See hard-to-find exotic plants such as longan, yuzu or jackfruit  

    • Learn about permaculture practices to regenerate the environment

    • Spot (with a bit of luck) chameleons, partridges, eagles or even an owl

Guided tour on a coffee farm

Unique experience in Europe, the northernmost coffee plantation in the world closer than you could ever imagine.

bee polinating coffee flower


On our farm there are up to 30 different crops with sustainable agricultural practices.

Coffee Workshops

Take advantage and train with the best professionals in the world of coffee. Workshops coming soon

I have fulfilled my dream of seeing a coffee plantation.

Carmen Lecuona


We would like to let you know all the effort that goes into every cup of coffee.

Have you ever thought that behind your cup of coffee there is a chain of people who put all their effort and enthusiasm into offering you the best of themselves?

Coffee growers, traders, exporters, importers, roasters and baristas all work together to brighten your day with their aroma.


Intentamos resolver tus dudas acerca de la visita guiada

We are in Cortijo Chaves next to the capellanía. You can access through the N-340 road (direction Nerja) past the water treatment plant.

Yes, it is completely asphalted; nevertheless we leave you with

this video so you don’t get lost

Preferable through this link to our main website, if not possible then cash at the end of the tour

Usually around 90-120 minutes

Of course, as long as it is respectful and you take responsibility.

Yes, as long as they are accompanied by their parents, legal guardians or authorised persons

The visit includes a walk through the estate

A visit to the oldest mango orchard in the Iberian Peninsula.

Visit of centenary custard apple orchards

Visit of the northernmost experimental coffee plantation in the world.

Visit of a modern mango plantation

Visit of a pitahaya plantation

Visit of a modern avocado plantation

Tours will begin as indicated on our Google Maps Profile

During the summer season we recommend  afternoon visits due to the heat

Please confirm your visit at least 24 hours in advance.

It is preferable that you wear long trousers, a hat and comfortable closed-toe shoes.

It would be preferable that you come well hydrated, equipped with sun cream and comfortable shoes.
There are slopes, so if you have physical or cardiac problems we do not recommend it.
If you have any allergies to wasps, plants or fruit, please let us know.
Smoking is strictly forbidden in the whole property.

Yes, discounts begin with 15-person group

Of course, there’s plenty of space to park and turn around, even 13m. buses come to visit us

We are not doctors, each person knows their own body but if you have heart problems we do not recommend it because there is a certain unevenness, even though we take breaks you may not be able to keep up with the group. We recommend that you don’t take risks with your health, but even so, if you want, you can book a private tour.

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